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May 2016

USB-Converter shootout by "Your Final System" with the MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB

Your Final System in Boulder, CO is a new dealer for MUTEC's audiophile consumer audio products. As a first measure of action the team put the MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB up against a range of other USB DDCs like the M2Tech Evo and the Channel Islands Transient MkII, and the results couldn't be more convincing.

Author Kevin O'Brien from the YFS Design Team concludes:
"To wrap things up, there's a new king of SPDIF converters and it's the MUTEC MC-3+USB! Compared to the Berkeley unit that comes in at $1,800 MSRP, the EVO and clock at $1,050 MSRP sans LPS, and the Transient MkII at $700 MSRP, this MUTEC piece is a no-brainer as it surpasses all the others in the performance AND convenience. Way to go MUTEC!"

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