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Multichannel Format and Sampling Rate Converter for ADAT™, AES3, S/P-DIF

  • ADAT™, AES/EBU and S/P-DIF interfaces working in one box
  • Format and sampling rate conversions up to 192.0 kHz
  • SMUX2 and SMUX4 support for ADAT™conversions
  • Signal improvement through audiophile-optimized PLL synthesizers
  • Extremely flexible synchronization options
  • Separate AES11 reference clock input for e.g. broadcast use
  • Converts standalone and bidirectionally with different sampling rates: X-SRC
  • 16 channel sampling rate conversion engine (SRC) for bidirectional conversions
  • Continuous signal supply in absence of the reference audio or clock signal
  • Runs standalone in all SRC operation modes without needing an external master clock reference
  • AES11, Grade 1, internal reference clock (0.5 ppm)
  • Word Clock output useable as master clock reference
  • Easy configurable
  • User settings will be stored in FLASH memory after switching-off
  • Rack space saving ½ 19” case allowing for mounting two devices side by side in one rack unit
  • Built-in international power supply
  • This product incorporates JetPLL™ clocking technologies, used under licence from Sonopsis. JetPLL™ designs are covered by Sonopsis copyright and/or multiple patents. The JetPLL™ word and logo are trademarks of Sonopsis. Further information can be found at

The MC4 converts ADAT™, AES3 and S/P-DIF digital multichannel audio signals whereas uni- and bidirectional conversion modes are available. All digital audio signals can be processed up to 192.0kHz including SMUX2 and SMUX4 support for ADAT™conversions with higher clock rates than 48.0kHz. Based on latest FPGA designs, the MC4 achieves levels of performance regarding its signal quality, unique flexibility and clocking features, which are outstanding in today’s industry!

An enormous feature-set with various operation modes enable the use of the MC4 in many applications. Generally, incoming digital audio signals are converted unidirectionally to all three audio formats simultaneously, with or without SRC functionality. If clock rate conversion is necessary, the SRC engine can be locked to Word Clock, AES11 (separate input available) and any digital audio input in both, uni- and bidirectional operation modes.

Unique to the MC4 is its capability to lock two 8-channel digital audio sources with different clock rates and to convert their audio formats and clock rates bidirectionally in realtime with help of the X-SRC mode. Therefore, unlike any product in its category, the unit includes a 16 channel SRC engine as a standard, whereas two audiophile-optimized PLL synthesizers secure best sound quality in all operations modes.

iD Phase Relations

he MC4 extracts the master clocks out of each of the two incoming 8-channel digital audio streams and uses these clock references to synchronize the SRCs in front of each of the format-same outputs. Thus, the two digital audio sources are held permanently in sync to each other by the MC4 without the necessity to lock any of the involved devices to an external master clock reference. This is especially useful when interconnecting two non-synchronized or non-synchronizable digital audio devices, each running on its own internal clock base.

As further special feature, the MC4 offers an internal, Ultra low-jitter clock base with outstanding accuracy to which the SRCs can be locked to, if no external reference is available. Running the MC4 in this mode, its Word Clock output can be used e.g. as master clock reference to synchronize any other digital audio device in the studio.

his all makes the MC4 for sure a unique and the most flexible digital multichannel audio converter currently available in the pro-audio industry!

The Right Cables for MC4


The Right Cables for MC4 - PSC 75 RCA/RCA


The Right Cables for MC4 - PSC 75 BNC/BNC

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  • Interconnection of consumer and professional digital audio devices
  • Audiophile clock recovery and signal regeneration
  • ADAT™ + SMUX2/4, AES3 and S/P-DIF format and sampling rate conversions
  • Integration of non-synchronizable devices, like musical instruments, DAT players, MD recorders or DAWs into digital studio environments
  • Realtime bidirectional signal transfers between sends/returns of digital mixing consoles and effect processors
  • Uni- and bidirectional interconnection of computerbased sound cards with professional digital audio equipment
  • Usable within small studio set-ups up to broadcast installations


Made In Germany