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FMC-5, FMC-6, FMC-7

FlashROM Expansions for various Yamaha keyboards from 512MB up to unique 2048MB

MUTEC's FMC-05, FMC-06 and FMC-07 FlashROM memory expansion cards are exclusively made to easy and reliably increase the storage capacities of various Yamaha music workstations and synthesizers.

  • FMC-07 offers worldwide unique 2048MB upgrade capability!
  • Non-volatile memory cards of three capacities available: 512MB, 1024MB, 2048MB
  • Waveform and sample data retains reliably after instrument is switched off
  • Made of FlashROM memories of fastest access times and best long-time reliability
  • 6-way multilayer PCBs used to reduce electrical noise during data transfer
  • Assembled with components of major manufacturers only
  • 100% in-system tested
  • High-precision German board assembly and soldering for best possible production quality
  • 100% compatible to Yamaha Tyros 4 + Tyros 5, MOTIF-XF + MOXF workstations
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany


FMC FlashROM memory expansion cards for Yamaha musik workstations

Adding the MUTEC FMC FlashROM memory expansion to your Yamaha music workstation enhance instantly its usability and your playing experience. The reason is that your waveforms, sample data and settings are stored in so-called "non-volatile memories". Thus, the whole memory content is available for making music straight away after switching on your workstation. This makes especially during live events the handling of your workstation faster and more effective. Additional times for loading sounds and settings before a show or recording can be saved. Only with the use of a MUTEC FMC FlashROM memory expansion card you can increase and fully utilize the enormous potential of your respective Yamaha music workstation.

When working with FlashROM memory, the speed performance for playing sounds and the long-time reliability for the stored content are of largest importance. Therefore, MUTEC is assembling the FMC expansions with FlashROM chips of latest technology standards only. Those offer, unlike cheap memory cards or USB sticks, fast access times and long lifetimes. To further guarantee for best performance and reliability of our FMC expansions, we are using strictly components of brand name manufacturers and producing with help of latest assembling-machines to ensure the highest production quality available.


MUTEC's exclusive FMC-07 high-density FlashROM memory expansion card offers – worldwide unique – with 2048MB the largest storage capacity for your Yamaha music workstation. This enables you to store larger volumes of sounds and settings than it was ever possible before. Thus, you can have enough sound material available also for e.g. longer live events outside your studio without having the need of reloading. Especially for users of the Yamaha Tyros 5 it is of most interest to increase the memory capacity because the Wave-Counter is no more included which limits the number of samples to 9999. On the other side, users of Yamaha's Tyros 4 will profit from more memory space by being able to use larger samples than before. In summer 2014 a major update of the Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) is awaited to be released, which enables Tyros 5 users, to create Custom Voices with a new voice-creator. Therefore, the larger memory capacity of the FMC-07 FlashROM expansion card will help you to increase and handle your custom sample library with ease.

In the Yamaha MOTIF-XF6, -XF7 or -XF8, the FMC-07 high-density FlashROM memory expansion card can be installed in combination with the FMC-05 or FMC-06 FlashROM expansion cards, because these instruments offer two memory slots. Thus, with help of the MUTEC FMC-07 now a maximum of 4096MB of FlashROM memory can be installed into any MOTIF music workstation.

FMC-05 + FMC-06

These two MUTEC FlashROM expansion cards are made of different storage capacities. The FMC-05 offers 512MB, while the FMC-06 offers 1024MB. For smaller sound libraries, these cards are the best choice. For e.g. smaller sound libraries, these cards are the best choice. Of course they are made under the same high-quality production guidelines like the previously described FMC-07. Thus, the used FlashROM chips offer same high-speed access times and reliability for the FMC-05 and FMC-06 expansion cards.

Technical Data

Versions + Capacities

  • FMC-05 (Yamaha FL512M), 512MB
  • FMC-06 (Yamaha FL1024M), 1024MB
  • FMC-07 (Yamaha -), 2048MB

Memory Technology

  • Parallel-NOR FlashROM
  • Access time: <100/110ns
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Mechanical Details

  • Size: 90mm x 51.3mm x 16.8mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: FMC-05: 23g, FMC-06 + FMC-07: 25g


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  • Yamaha Tyros 4
  • Yamaha Tyros 5
  • Yamaha MOTIF-XF6
  • Yamaha MOTIF-XF7
  • Yamaha MOTIF-XF8
  • Yamaha MOXF6
  • Yamaha MOXF8


Made In Germany