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June 2016

MC-3+ Smart Clock USB brings the instruments into the living room

MUTEC user "JMN" recently added an MC-3+ Smart Clock USB to his digital audio listening experience at home and he graciously shared his experience with us. The MC-3+USB finally helped him achieve the level of sound reproduction that he had been striving for since a seminal experience more than 30 years ago:

"In 1984 my professor at Binghamton University invited me to his house where he had a high end system with a very expensive turntable/cartridge combo, Mark Levinson amps and large Magnepans speakers. When I walked into his living room I thought someone was playing a piano in that room. It was a revelation. My goal since has been to recreate that experience/illusion in my own space with my own system. So I have been building a high end system over the past year. I bought Magnepans and matches them with great amp and preamp set up (made by a German expatriate). But I couldn't recreate that experience of, 'musicians in the room'. So I purchased a Yggdrasil DAC and matched it with audiophile cables, but still didn't have that experience I had hoped for. So I came across someone who had written, "Matching a MUTEC MC-3 +USB with a Yggdrasil, was a game changer". So I secured a 14 day trial with a dealer in California. My high end AES/EBU cable arrived on the same day as my MUTEC, so I plugged it in and within the first fifteen seconds (no kidding) I smiled with delight, realizing I finally had achieved what I was looking for. The depth, articulation and holography I demanded from my system had been met, because of the MUTEC. The Yggdrasil had only gotten it half way there, but the MUTEC elevated it to the level which brought the performance and instruments into the listening room. Amazing because my Magnepan reference speakers had been sent back to the manufacture for a rebuild and I was listening to far inferior (no name to be mentioned) speakers and getting this incredible experience! The piano is in my room as I write this and I thank you for an excellent piece of technology!"

Picture credit: JMN

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