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September 2016

Experience MUTEC products first hand in Denver, CO on October 7-9.

Our partners at and Sonic Distribution have graciously invited us to join them at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO. Together we welcome you to three days of audiophile bonanza starting on October 7th in a beautiful location. Room 7010 of the Denver Marriott Tech Center will be the place to be to experience MUTEC products first hand. The MC-3+ Smart Clock USB will be part of a first-class listening setup for you to enjoy great music and hear the device's stunning audio quality in action.

MUTEC at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

It’s become the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the nation - a virtual audio wonderland. Denver’s own Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, founded 13 years ago by two small local audio companies, now showcases more than 400 brands - from the affordable, to the absurd; from high-end specialty companies to Industry giants. The annual event draws vendors and audio enthusiasts from around the globe. Together with our partners at YourFinalSystem and Sonic Distribution, MUTEC will showcase our audiophile products such as the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB in an exquisite environment that will allow critical listening to really identify how any digital audio playback system can benefit from MUTEC products.

The recently released firmware V1.10 for the MC-3+USB presents a significant step-up for its already exceptional sound performance besides several functional improvements. As a consequence, even veteran HiFi experts like the British editor Andrew Everard are full of praise for the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB:

"So (deep breath), does it work? The simple answer is yes, and with every single device with which I’ve tested it. In the past few months I’ve had through my room a bewildering variety of DACs, from those built into a number of integrated amplifiers all the way up to big-ticket non-oversampling audiophile models, and in every case the MUTEC has brought sonic gains which are immediately apparent, from cleaner detail in even the subtlest nuances of recordings through to a tighter sense of rhythm and timing, and – my personal favourite – enhanced presence."

We would love to welcome you at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!

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