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November 2016

MC-3+USB astonishes in HIFISTATEMENT review

Author Dr. Roland Dietl of German online magazine HIFISTATEMENT had a close listen to the MC‑3+USB in his detailed review. Upon our suggestion he even tried cascading two units for an additional gain in sonic transparency and sound quality. The MC‑3+USB delivered astonishing results that could be identified at ease - particularly when used for computer audio playback via USB.

MC-3+USB astonishes in HIFISTATEMENT review

His final statement could hardly be any more enthusiastic: "I consider the MUTEC MC‑3+USB to be one of the big surprises of the year. The device is a true Swiss army knife for the digital signal chain thanks to its versatility. The sonic improvements particularly when using the USB connection are astonishing. This is a must try!"

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