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March 2017

For whom the clock tolls - the MC-3+USB reviewed

Many audiophiles - including the editors at Hi-Fi News - believe that USB, while convenient, plays second-fiddle to S/P-DIF in sound. Can MUTEC change that perception?

For whom the clock tolls - the MC-3+USB reviewed

In the in-depth review in the February 2017 issue of the magazine, the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB had to stand its ground both in the listening room and on the test bench in the lab. Editor Andrew Everard comes to an unmistakable conclusion:

"The MC-3+USB is excellent value, bringing clearly audible benefits with all the DACs I tested. A stripped-down version with all the word-clock connectivity removed could be an even greater steal - something for MUTEC to consider as it moves further into the consumer/enthusiast market, perhaps? For now this unit, still firmly rooted in the pro market, has much to offer the serious ‘computer audio’ enthusiast."

Editor Paul Miller adds: "Devices like MUTEC's MC-3+USB are designed to put the certainty back into the timing between consecutive bits of data before they hit the partnering DAC. I certainly felt that my Melco-USB-Devialet combinations were enhanced using the MC-3+USB as a USB-to-AES converter, driving the 800/1000 amps via their balanced digital inputs."

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