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October 2018

Tower of Power - MC‑3+USB and REF10 reviewed by Bonedo

Felix Klostermann reviews the combination of MC‑3+USB and REF10 for the German online mag Bonedo. Read all about his findings here.

In addition to a general overview of the various features and functions of the MC‑3+USB, MUTEC’s exceptional audio re-clocker, audiophile USB interface and lowest jitter master clock, Felix Klostermann emphasizes the sonic benefits of the MC‑3+USB as an external clock for studio equipment and as a re-clocker. As a special treat, the sonic effects are illustrated with a selection of audio examples to stream and download as high-res audio files.

His conclusions:
"MUTEC's MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB provides four excellent clock signals and helps achieve a better overall sound in complex systems with multiple converters. The stereo imaging becomes cleaner and the bass response tightens up. Furthermore, the re-clocking feature is capable of refreshing inferior digital signals and converting them to a range of formats. [...] The REF10 is also super interesting and can improve upon the already excellent clock in the MC‑3+USB."

Read the full review (German only)
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