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July 2022

MUTEC @ Audio Fairs Summer 2022

MUTEC's products were presented at three national audio trade shows this summer. Our committed distributors showed the combination of MC3+USB and REF 10 SE120 at the Japanese OTOTEN in Tokyo, the KOBA in Seoul/Korea and the North West Audio Show in the UK.

Ayumu Suzuki (left) from Hibino Intersound and his assistant were on hand at OTOTEN2022 to answer any questions regarding the superior quality and functionality of MUTEC devices. The trade fair OTOTEN2022 is hosted by the Japan Audio Society, founded in 1952, and is one of the renowned events of its kind in the Asian region.

The trade fair Koda in South Korea's capital Seoul is aimed at the professional audio industry. Here, the local distributor JD-Solutions presented the MUTEC products MC3+USB and REF10 SE120 in the best company to other important brands of the absolute top class.

The 10 MHz reference master clock MUTEC REF10 SE120 takes an integral part of an AVID/ProTools rack for the realization of Dolby Atmos productions at the Koda 2022

After a two-year break, the North West Audio Show took place at the DeVere Cranage Estate in the idyllic English town of Crenshaw. Along with the Bristol HiFi Show in February, it is the most important event for audiophile matters in the United Kingdom. The British MUTEC representative NuNu Distribution used the combination of two MC3+USB plus a REF10 SE120 for the central digital reclocking in an ambitious high end audio system. The result delighted the audiophile clientele. Here is a quote from an impressed visitor:

I was fortunate to attend one of your demonstrations today. I would like to complement you for having the most realistic sounding system at the show. I could not believe the naturalness of the music you played. There were louder systems on display and if I were looking for a system to watch films through they would be the ones I would go to. For listening to music yours was head and shoulders above the rest.

We would like to thank all three distributors for their commitment to demonstrate the quality of MUTEC equipment to the interested public.


Hibino Intersound Corporation
Phone: 0081-3-5419-1561
Contact: Mr. Ayumu Suzuki

South Korea

Phone: 0082-31-790-0548
Contact: Mr. Cho, Jume Duck
Pro Audio only

United Kingdom

NuNu Distribution Ltd.
Phone: 0044-203-5442338
Contact: Mr. Anthony Sallis
HiFi/Consumer only

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