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August 2022

New USB Audio 2.0 driver for MC3+USB interface (Windows 10/11)

Important information for all users of the MUTEC interface MC3+USB in connection with a Windows PC. A new USB Audio 2.0 driver (version 5.45.0) is now available for download.

This driver works exclusively under Windows 10 and 11. Older Windows versions are no longer supported. For those Windows installations, please use driver version 5.12.0.

Mac and Linux users do not need a dedicated USB driver.

Our recommendation: The MUTEC MC3+USB should be switched off during the driver installation. However, it can remain wired to the computer. After the installation, please switch the MUTEC MC3+USB on again. Windows now automatically routes the audio output to the USB port.

You can download the driver from our website here.