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November 2022

MUTEC @ Mahlgrad Mastering

The ultimate reference master clock REF10 SE120 and the versatile audio interface MC3+USB are essential elements in the studio of Mahlgrad Mastering, a service provided by experienced musician and trained barista Jannis Bentler.

The grind (German: Mahlgrad) is a key factor in preparing an excellent cup of coffee. It takes precise knowledge, sensitive intuition and years of experience to avoid a watery or bitter taste through the right setting. These small-scale mechanisms can be transferred unfiltered to the final mastering of music productions.

For over 20 years, Bentler aka Dr. Mahlgrad has been active as a graduated drummer and sought-after musical director for a variety of German and international artists.Because he was consistently dissatisfied with the results of local mastering engineers on his own productions, Bentler began to learn the ropes himself. As a musician, he inherently has a different perspective on mastering, as he explains:
A lot of engineers are not musicians and have a very technical approach. For me as a drummer who has been making a living with drumming since I was 16 years old, groove, the lengths of bass notes, the attack and decay times are so tremendously important. This is the foundation of every track.

The intensive study of the subject finally led to the founding of Mahlgrad Mastering. In Jannis Bentler's Berlin studio, devices from MUTEC make very important, sound relevant contributions. This already starts with the recording process:
My AD converter got much better resolution and precision through the REF10 SE120. The transients no longer sound harsh, the fine dynamics increase, the spatial representation is more true and calm. Now the converter works properly and musically

For Jannis Bentler aka Dr. Mahlgrad, a central clock in the studio is absolutely essential:
As soon as you work digitally it is inevitable to clock the system synchronously. For this, the REF10 SE120 is a real winner.

Next to the REF 10 SE120 reference master clock, MC3+USB interfaces are also regularly used at Mahlgrad Mastering:
I actually use the MC3+USB as a doubled re-clocker. They provide more transparency and accuracy. The monitoring situation also benefits from the re-clocked signal through the MC3+USB interfaces. They are a good integration gateway for customers linking to my system.

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