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June 2023

World Premiere in Japan

A pre-production sample of our upcoming affordable master clock REF10 NANO was shown for the first time to public at the recent OTOTEN audio fair in Tokio.

The REF10 NANO is the focused version of an audiophile 10 MHz reference master clock in the superior quality you should expect from clocking specialist MUTEC. It is based on the already well-established REF10, but transfers its technology, praised by many customers and reviewers, into a new, significantly lower price range. This certainly makes the REF10 NANO the best 10 MHz reference master clock in its price class.

Ayumu Suzuki from Japanese MUTEC distributor Hibino Intersound was pleased to conclude:
The visitors showed very great interest in the REF10 NANO.

More about REF10 NANO

In addition to the pre-production sample of the REF10 NANO, Hibino Intersound also presented the established models REF10 and REF10 SE120 as well as the MC3+USB interface.

Ayumu Suzuki (right) from Hibino Intersound explained the functionality of all shown MUTEC products at OTOTEN 2023 to a potential customer. In a direct comparison, the trade show visitors were able to experience the sonic benefits of a REF10 NANO via AKG headphones. At first, the music - played via PC - was only re-clocked using the MC3+USB, then the REF10 NANO was added. The increase in soundquality thanks to the new reference master clock impressed many listeners.

The entrance to the OTOTEN 2023 at the International Tokyo Forum, shortly before opening on June, 24th. The fair is organized by the Japan Audio Society, founded in 1952, and is one of the most renowned events of its kind in the Asian region. This year, the show attracted 4,337 visitors.

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