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August 2023

MUTEC @ Hong Kong High End AV Show 2023

This show in Hongkong was held on 11-13 August 2023. The High End AV Show has existed for twenty years and is considered the most important audio event in this region.

Our distributor Luen Hing Electrical (HK) Limited presented in an amazing listening room all audiophile MUTEC products for the interested high end clientele: MC3+ USB, REF10 SE120, REF10 and the new REF10 NANO.

The room was permanently well attended and the reactions of the audience were consistently positive: Great Sound, High Dynamics, Fine Details. Considering the sound quality offered, visitors considered the equipment to be surprisingly affordable.

In addition to the normal demos, Luen Hing Electrical also held a special presentation to show the differences between the new glass CD and a conventional CD using the iconic "The Hunter" by Jennifer Warnes.

The president of the audiophile record label Impex Records, Abey Fonn (left), was thrilled and said that she had never heard the title in such quality before, not even on extremely expensive high-end systems. The MUTEC components most likely made a significant contribution to this impressive sound experience.

The national and international trade press also took the opportunity to listen to the demonstraMon at the High End AV Show, for which the company owner explicitly expressed his gratitude:

I would like to thank not only the ladies and gentlemen of the press in Hong Kong, but also the ladies and gentlemen of the international press who visited our booth in large numbers. In particular, I would like to thank Lin and Stu from HiFi Pig who spent a lot of time at our booth deeply impressed listening to our reference audio system.

Lawrence Lau, CEO Luen Hing Electrical (HK) Limited

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