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Bi-directional USB & Digital Audio Interface

Product discontinued!

"Overall the MUTEC MC-1.2 is a big upgrade to my USB dac and well worth the investment. If you are considering upgrading your dac via a bridge the MC-1.2 should be right at the top of your buy list." - Keith Bevan, Digital Audio Directions

The MC-1.2 is a high-performance USB audio interface which converts from USB to AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signals, and vice versa.

  • Uni- and bi-directional signal conversions
  • Asynchronous USB operation
  • USB audio stream isolation and conversion to 5 digital audio interfaces
  • Low jitter audio clocks combined with ultra-low noise PCB design
  • Regenerates and improves USB audio streams
  • High-compatible USB audio class 2.0 driver for Windows supports ASIO, MME, DirectSound, WASAPI, Kernel Streaming, PCM 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit and Float-32Bit at all clock rates between 44.1kHz and 192.0kHz
  • Individual lock indicators for USB and the digital audio inputs
  • USB, AES/EBU, AES/EBUid and S/P-DIF interfaces in one box
  • Status bit analysis for the S/P-DIF inputs
  • S/P-DIF interconnections via BNC, RCA and optical interfaces
  • Input sampling rate indicators, separated for USB and the digital audio inputs
  • Bus-powered operation for mobile use
  • Built-in, international power supply
  • Available with aluminum- or black-colored front panel
  • Compatible with Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs


Ultimate Interconnectivity

The MC-1.2 enables for the first time bi-directional conversions between USB audio streams and digital audio signals like AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF. Therefore, the box does not only offer digital audio outputs, like most of the others, but also a full set of digital audio inputs for AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF with BNC, RCA and optical interfaces. Signals received at the USB port are converted to five digital audio outputs simultaneously, which allow the connection of multiple receivers at your computer. When selecting one of the digital audio inputs, the signal received is converted to an USB audio stream and sent into your computer. Both signal paths are able to work at the same time, presupposing equal sampling rates. This enables e.g. the simple connection of effect processors to your computer or the use of recording-equipment, whereat monitoring of recorded signals is possible through the computer during recording.

High-End DACs or music servers often use BNC interfaces for S/P-DIF transfers, which is from an electrical point of view surely the best choice. With the MC-1.2, you can convert USB audio streams of every PC or laptop into the S/P-DIF format and output that through BNC interfaces to drive High-End equipment easily. This can be done while having four further outputs available to feed e.g. digital headphone amplifiers or other devices for convenient listening.

USB Signal Regeneration and Improvement

It is known, that USB interconnections, respectively the transfer of digital audio via USB let most of the DACs not sound best. That actually applies also for higher-priced DACs. Using the digital inputs at DACs often results in a better sound. At this point, the MC-1.2 comes in and may help to convert your USB audio streams best possible and to connect your DAC via its digital audio inputs correctly. Additionally, by using latest USB streaming technologies, low jitter audio clocks and ultra-low noise circuit designs, the MC-1.2 is able to regenerate and improve the converted audio signal in a way that connected DACs usually sound better as when fed directly through their USB interfaces.

Based on the MC-1.2's ability to work not only USB bus-powered, but also to use its own internal power supply, an isolation between the different power supplies for the digital audio and the USB part of the circuit is the result. To further improve this separation, the different areas of the circuit are supplied independently from each other by ultra-low noise power sources with carefully dimensioned external circuitries. Thereby, the transfer of distortions from the USB stream into the digital audio part can be reduced to an absolute minimum. That helps to improve the audio performance of the converted digital signals significantly.

Usability in Studio, Home and Live Event Environments

The already outstanding flexibility of the MC-1.2 is additionally increased through the ability to run the unit with its internal power supply for stationary use, or alternatively powered only through the USB interface during e.g. mobile events. Both states are displayed by LEDs on the front panel.

The MC-1.2 comes in a matt-black, rugged steel case with anodized aluminum front panel. Regarding the front panel, you can choose between an aluminum- or black-colored version during purchase. Custom-designed case feets, which include soft rubber rings to prevent unneccessary vibrations, are standardly supplied to use the MC-1.2 as desktop device. For rack-mounting, the feet must be unscrewed and optional rack angles are mounted on the right and left hand of the case.

Technical Data


  • 1 x USB2.0 interface, bi-directional usable
  • 1 x XLR input for AES3/11, 110ohms terminated, transformer balanced
  • 1 x BNC input for S/P-DIF + AES3id, 75ohms terminated, unbalanced
  • 1 x RCA input (coaxial) for S/P-DIF, 75ohms terminated, unbalanced
  • 1 x Optical input for S/P-DIF, Toshiba Toslink™, EIAJ RC-5720
  • 1 x XLR output for AES3/11, terminated, transformer balanced, buffered
  • 1 x BNC input for S/P-DIF, 75ohms terminated, unbalanced
  • 1 x BNC input for AES3id, 75ohms terminated, unbalanced
  • 1 x RCA (coaxial) output for S/P-DIF, terminated, unbalanced, buffered
  • 1 x Optical output for S/P-DIF, Toshiba Toslink™, EIAJ RC-5720

Power Supply

  • Through the USB interface or the internal power supply
  • Type: Internal switching power supply
  • Input Voltage: 90 V – 260 V (automatic adjustment), 47 Hz – 440 Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 10 W

Mechanical Details

  • Cover size/material/color: 196 x 42 x 156mm without connectors (W x H x D), 1 mm steel sheet 1 mm, black powder-coated
  • Front panel size/material/surface: 198 x 44 x 4mm (W x H x D), aluminium, anodized, aluminum- or black-colored
  • Weight: approx. 1170 g

Order Information

  • MC-1.2 with aluminum-colored front panel, item no. 8015-053
  • MC-1.2 with black-colored front panel, item no. 8015-054

User Stories

Keith Bevan
  • Keith Bevan, USA
    "Overall the MUTEC MC-1.2 is a big upgrade to my USB dac and well worth the investment. If you are considering upgrading your dac via a bridge the MC-1.2 should be right at the top of your buy list."
    Read the full review
Wolfram Lerch
  • Wolfram Lerch, Germany
    "Dear MUTEC team, here's my short feedback about the MC-1.2: I've been using the interface for a couple of days now and I'm absolutely stunned. I wouldn't have thought that a high-end USB interface could improve the sound performance of my audio chain (consisting of a Microsoft Surface with Win 8.1 -> Foobar via the MUTEC ASIO driver -> MUTEC MC-1.2 -> Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 DAC -> Stax SRM-323S -> Stax SR-407) to such an extent! You've ticked all the boxes with this interface. Thanks a lot for this great product ;‑)"
Dan Halchak
  • Dan Halchak, United States
    "The MC-1.2 USB-Interface alone was better than any other SPDIF I was able to look at, which didn't hit the level of Berkley Alpha USB ( $1,895 USD retail), but most of the ones below. Add the MC-3+ and there was no contest the combo was hands down better."


USB 2.0 Audio Driver
V3.30.0 02-2016
USB 2.0 Audio Driver
V2.26.0 01-2015
MC-1.2 Manual
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11 Windows XP & Vista Product Manual
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  • Interconnection of computers and professional or consumer digital audio devices
  • Bidirectional signal exchange between computers and effect processors
  • Improvement of USB audio streams
  • Isolation of USB audio streams to digital audio devices