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October 2018

CJ E&M Tooniverse Studios upgrade clocking system with MUTEC clock solutions featuring iClock and REF10 master clocks

Berlin, October 2018. CJ E&M Tooniverse is the leading anime television channel in South Korea operating its own studio facilities consisting of four dubbing rooms and two mixing suites. The clocking of these rooms has recently been upgraded with both iClock and REF10 master clocks by MUTEC.

Recording Studio 1 at CJ E&M Tooniverse Studios

MUTEC’s Korean distributor, JD Solution, installed four iClock reference clock synthesizers and four REF10 reference master clocks providing ultra-low phase noise 10 MHz signals to the iClocks. Due to MUTEC’s proprietary frequency generation concept the iClock offers unrivaled flexibility for synchronization of different devices to one house clock. Apart from highest accuracy of audio and video synchronization, as well as the efficient removal of clock drift (jitter), it was however the improvement in audio quality that sealed the deal to go with MUTEC solutions at Tooniverse Studios.

Sung Joo Lee, Audio Team Manager at CJ E&M Tooniverse Studios, now considers the audio interface and its clocking to be the most important pieces of equipment in the studio design:

"In the past, we used word clock equipment for other pro audio companies. Once we installed the MUTEC REF10 & iClock we were immediately impressed by the clear sound. Before I'de always been unhappy with the mid & bass frequency range, but after connecting the REF10 & iClock all of this was resolved. The clarity of the sound, the wider stereo image and the low-end resolution make the Avid MTRX main converter sound so much better."
Sung Joo Lee, CJ E&M Tooniverse

Audio Team Manager Sung Joo Lee in Recording Room 2 at Tooniverse Studios

The REF10 and iClock installed in Mixing Studio 2

Recording Room 2

Kwang Min Park, Team Manager at JD Solution, adds: "We are proud to have successfully completed yet another large-scale installation of MUTEC clocking solutions in Korea. Reference master clocks by MUTEC have become renowned for their ultra-low phase noise performance and exceptional sound quality at broadcast, mastering, and mixing studios alike."

JD Solution has been providing professional media solutions and consultancy in broadcast and pro audio installations for major networks and studios since 2010. Since 2016, JD Solution has been MUTEC’s exclusive distribution partner for the Republic of Korea. Other brands in JD Solution’s portfolio currently are Avid, GML, Avalon Design, Phoenix Audio, Peluso, Eventide, PMC, BAE, Sennheiser, ADL, and DMSD.

Distributor contact:
Phone: 0082-31-790-0548
Contact: Mr. Cho, Jume Duck

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