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Digital Audio and Video Sync Reference Clock Generators

Product discontinued!

The MC3 are universal, digital audio and SD/HD video sync reference clock generators.

  • Improvement of the studio’s sound quality overall
  • Elimination of “Clicks and Pops” in digital audio recordings
  • Synchronization of devices with different clock rates simultaneously
  • Generation of 7 lowest jitter basis Word Clock frequencies ranging from 32.0 kHz up to 192.0 kHz
  • Word Clock outputs can be multiplied with factors x1, x2, x4 and x256 for a total of 15 different Word Clock frequencies
  • Frequency accuracy in compliance with AES11, Grade 1
  • Generation of PAL/NTSC + NTSC b/w SD video sync signals as Black + Burst, composite sync or color bar with MC3.1 SD
  • Phase-synchronized generation of S/PDIF and AES/EBU blank frames
  • All adjustments are retained after power-down
  • Simple, new user interface
  • Built-in international power supply


MC3, MC3.1 SD and MC3.2 HD provide different lowest-jitter Clock signals for synchronization of AD/DA converters, digital mixers, audio and video workstations and many other devices. All three device are succsessors of MUTEC‘s Smart Clock and Smart Clock av which were previously sold very successfully worldwide. The new MC3 offer enhanced jitter performance, higher flexibility, more outputs per unit and a new designed user interface. Based on the circuit design of MUTEC‘s well-known iClock, Redundant Multiple Clock Synthesizer and Video Reference Generator, the MC3‘s signal qualities and function flexibilities achieve levels of performance, which are totally outstanding in their respective market ranges!

The MC3 offers 7 basis low-jitter Word Clocks from 32.0 kHz up to 192.0 kHz, which are then independently distributed to four clock output pairs with multipliers x1, x2 and x4 for a maximum clock rate of 768.0 kHz. For the synchronization of older digidesign ProTools™ systems, the respective Word Clock frequencies can be transferred as Word Clock x 256 (also called Super Clock). AES/EBU and S/PDIF (optical + coaxial) blank frame sync signals are available from 32.0 kHz up to 192.0 kHz. Every Word Clock output pair as well as the AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs can be set to a different clock rate, based on one common clock frequency. Thus, new devices with higher clock rates may be integrated into an existing studio set-up without difficulty. It is also possible to supply various workstations in the same room with different clock rates.

MC3.1 SD offers same audio clock functionalities like MC3, but offers additionally a standard definition (SD) video reference generator for supporting PAL and NTSC SD video sync signals as Black?+?Burst or composite sync as well as the respective color bars. Two additional video outputs are available on the rear side of the housing. Thus, audio clocks and video references are all available at the same time to synchronize complete audio/video facilities.

MC3.1 auto-detects integer relationsships between the adjusted video standard and basis clock rate. This applies especially when PAL is selected as video reference and the basis clock rate (WCLK BASIS) is set to 48.0kHz, 96.0kHz or 192.0kHz. In that case, the AES/EBU and S/PDIF generators use the video frame to lock the Z-preamble of the AES channel block start, aligned to AES11-1997/2003 and EBU R83-1996.

The design advantage of thes is their high-precision frequency generator, from which all clock signals are simultaneously derived. As a result, the individual clock signals generated are synchronized to each other in phase, and hence feature the same frequency accuracy and time base! The frequency generation is accurate to <±1ppm and thus complies with AES 11, Grade 1, as well as broadcast specifications.

For larger equipment set-ups, which require more Word Clock or AES/EBU clock outputs than are provided by the Smart Clocks, MUTEC offers a complementary Word Clock distributor which is called Distributor ws and an AES/EBU signal distributor which is called: MC-2.

Technical Data

Generatable Word Clock (WCLK) Frequencies

WCLK BASIS ×1 ×2 ×4 ×256
32.0 kHz 32.0 kHz 64.0 kHz 128.0 kHz -
44.1 kHz 44.1 kHz 88.2 kHz 176.4 kHz 11.2896 MHz
48.0 kHz 48.0 kHz 96.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 12.2880 MHz
88.2 kHz 88.2 kHz 176.4 kHz 352.8 kHz -
96.0 kHz 96.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 384.0 kHz -
176.4 kHz 176.4 kHz 352.8 kHz 705.6 kHz -
192.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 384.0 kHz 768.0 kHz -

Generatable AES/EBU and S/PDIF Frequencies

WCLK BASIS ×1 ×2 ×4
32.0 kHz 32.0 kHz 64.0 kHz 128.0 kHz
44.1 kHz 44.1 kHz 88.2 kHz 176.4 kHz
48.0 kHz 48.0 kHz 96.0 kHz 192.0 kHz
88.2 kHz 88.2 kHz 176.4 kHz 176.4 kHz
96.0 kHz 96.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 192.0 kHz
176.4 kHz 176.4 kHz 176.4 kHz 176.4 kHz
192.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 192.0 kHz 192.0 kHz


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  • A/V synchronization
  • Low-jitter clock supply for entire studio
  • Acoustical improvement of AD/DA converters
  • Elimination of »clicks and pops« in audio recordings
  • Stellate clock signal supply
  • Multiple clock rate synchronization
  • Film, video and audio transfers