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April 2024

REF10 NANO: Review @ 6moons

The prestigious online magazine has published a REF10 NANO review. Author Nick Mavridis confirmed the positive influence of the 10 MHz reference master clock from MUTEC on the sound quality of various digital audio setups.

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March 2024

REF10 NANO: „Perfect introduction to audiophile clocking“

The most affordable 10 MHz reference master clock from MUTEC confirmed its outstanding quality in the test report by reputable German magazine HIFISTATEMENT.

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February 2024

MC3+ USB & REF10 NANO: “This pairing is like rocket fuel!”

The British specialist magazine the ear reviewed the established MC3+ USB re‑clocker together with our new compact 10 MHz reference clock generator REF10 NANO. Renowned audio journalist Jason Kennedy was very impressed by the sonic impact of these two devices on a digital audio system. As a result, both were awarded the EDITOR`S CHOICE seal of approval.

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February 2024

REF10 NANO: “You really want this one!”

The respected audiophile website intensively tested the compact 10 MHz reference master clock and came to many interesting results.

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January 2024

The proof: better sound quality through master clock

A dedicated MUTEC customer has proven the positive influence of an external reference clock generator within a high-end audio setup in a thoroughly conducted blind test using the REF10 NANO.

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December 2023

MUTEC presents Prime Select Cables for Transmission of Digital Audio and Clock Signals

MUTEC GmbH, manufacturer of professional audio technology for studio and high-end applications, announces the launch of its own Prime Select cables for transmission of digital audio and clock signals. These dedicated cables have been designed specifically for use with reference master clocks, re-clockers and digital audio interfaces from MUTEC.

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November 2023

MUTEC presents REF10 NANO: The Compact Audiophile 10 MHz Reference Master Clock

MUTEC GmbH, manufacturer of audio equipment for studio professionals and audiophile consumers, proudly announces the release of the REF10 NANO.

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September 2023

A modern classic

Sound engineer, studio owner and vintage lover Sean Tuohy never works without this modern-day MUTEC REF10 SE120 reference clock generator. Read the story.

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August 2023

MUTEC @ Hong Kong High End AV Show 2023

This show in Hongkong was held on 11-13 August 2023. The High End AV Show has existed for twenty years and is considered the most important audio event in this region.

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